Here to provide design expertise for the simplest to most complex problems!

Our virtual design consultation helps you get solid design advice from the comfort of your home, but we do offer the traditional face to face experience if you prefer.

You're ready to improve your home, but what's the first step?

While there's a lot of uncertainty in the world right now, what is crystal clear to you is that there are some areas of your home that could use a little TLC.

It also hasn't taken long for you to feel the pressure of all of the decisions that need to be made. While online retailers are offering "can't pass this up" deals, you want to make sure that each selection you make gets you closer to the overall design you have in your head (and on your Pinterest boards!).

But trying to duplicate what you see on your inspiration boards isn't as easy as it sounds...especially when you're not sure that copying a bunch of seemingly random ideas won't result in a hodge-podge mess.

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We've got you.

The start of any decorating process is exciting and full of possibilities... 

...but then the questions come.

What sofa do you choose? What about the wall art? Does my paint color work, or should I pick a new one?

Cue the anxiety, right?

We want to put your mind at ease and give you something positive to focus on during your extended stay at home. 

As an interior design firm, we've always helped our clients make the right choices for their homes while staying within their budget, and we can help YOU do the same!



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1. Choose Your Time Slot

Our up-to-date scheduling app allows you to select at date and time that works best for you.

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2. Decide With Confidence

Each meeting will be laser focused on helping you make firm decisions on your specific areas of concern.

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3. Follow The Plan

Our meetings culminate with the delivery of a copy of our meeting notes.

Client Testimonial

"I probably would have spent more buying stuff that wouldn’t have made a real difference. I spent money and have more to spend but it’s actually towards things that will give me the outcome I want."

~Clara R., Florida