St. Andrews Master Bedroom Transformation


How do you take a master bedroom that looks like this…

...into one that looks like this?

In this project, we turned this dark, drab and downright depressing space into a bright, airy and rejuvenating oasis!

For each of our design projects, the first thing that we do after our initial meeting with the client is to photograph the space, take an inventory of what’s already there and then develop a 3D rendering of the space so that we can take a look at the space from every angle.

This gives us a chance to observe any weird architectural challenges and to begin to develop a space plan for the room.

In this room, there is a TON of square footage, but the dark wall and ceiling color combined with the dark furniture and fabrics made the space feel cluttered and cramped.

One of the most important things you should know about this particular project is that our client is a recent widow.

The colors in the room are highly reflective of the things that her husband loved which is why the space had a definite masculine feel to it.

As she works through her grieving process, our client needs a space where she can recharge her soul and see a reflection of the things SHE loves while honoring the incredibly beautiful love story she shared with her husband.

From a design standpoint, here are a few of the challenges we needed to address:

  1. There was no clear focal point in the room. The client didn’t need a fireplace or a built-in unit to add additional storage, and she really wanted to have a sense of openness and calm when she entered the space.
  2. We needed to address the heavy color palette. She loves the color blue so we knew that we wanted to bring this hue into her room in a way that still kept the light, joyful feeling she desired.
  3. She needed to see more of HERSELF in the room. Our client has an incredible collection of original art pieces and artifacts that she’s collected from her travels over the years. She also has an affinity for circles because the shape has a symbolic meaning to her. We needed to figure out a way to incorporate all of these elements in a way that did not feel disjointed or random.

Here’s how we did it:

We Created A Focal Point

  • We kept the placement of the bed and television where they originally were but we used both of these functional elements to create stunning focal points depending on which angle of the room you viewed.
  • As you enter the room, the regal bed with its tall headboard and curvaceous frame is a fitting testament to the elegance of our client. We flanked the bed with gold-leafed chests that also have an interesting frame shape and introduced the circle shape with the hardware on these chests and the mirror hung above the bed.
  • On the TV wall, we found the perfect credenza that is a striking shade of blue and also has engraved circle details along the front, and then we filled in the wall around her tv with some of her custom art pieces creating a very compelling focal point as you view the room from the master bath hall.

We Brightened The Color Palette

  • To lighten the color palette, we covered those medium tone brown walls with the same white that we painted the trim in to create a soothing background for the hints of color we would bring in throughout the room.
  • We also replaced the beige carpet with custom wood floors that we had stained to match the wood floors found throughout the rest of the house.
  • We dressed the bed with soft, luxurious layers of bedding in a pale indigo and pale dusty rose color palette. We also pulled these shades of blue and dusty rose into other areas of the room like the beautiful custom drapery panels, the throw pillow on the chaise lounge and the gorgeous rug that we placed under the bed.

We Made It Personal

  • We made sure that everywhere she looked she saw things she loved. This is where the details really take this room over the top!
  • During our first meeting, she mentioned that she wanted to open her eyes each morning and feel like she was so free she could fly.
  • To grant her request, we installed BEAUTIFUL mural panels on the ceiling that transform her flat ceiling into a cloudlike halo. 
  • We gave her a more streamlined, clean aesthetic by removing the crown molding and replacing it with a soffit that wraps the perimeter of the room. This soffit houses an LED lighting element that adds a glow to the room.
  • Paired with the LED lights we installed in the soffit, this element is one of the most jaw-dropping things about the space.
  • We also placed images of her and her husband throughout the room along with some of her favorite collectibles, and we repeated the circle shape in subtle ways throughout the room.
  • The lounge area is one of MY favorite areas of the room because I can imagine lounging on that chaise, reading a good book and look out at the views of nature just beyond her windows. For her, this will be the place she goes to pray, meditate and journal each day.

Every. Little. Detail. Matters.

As you enter the room now, the difference is palpable. 

So refreshing, bright and filled with hope.

Exactly what our client wanted and we were only too happy to deliver!

It takes a team to bring these design concepts to life, and I am so grateful to each and every trade who helped us pull off this amazing transformation.

When we revealed the space to our client, there were tears...and they weren’t just hers. 

I cried too because I could just sense the relief and happiness she felt when she walked into the room for the first time.

Leave me a comment and let me know how you think this master bedroom makeover turned out!

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