Manchac Lakes Master Bedroom


For some reason, the master bedroom is always the last space homeowners feel compelled to invest in.

Why is this?

Why do we put ourselves last?

Is it because this space isn’t visible to the public and it’s easy to simply close the door. Out of sight out of mind?

Our clients for our Manchac Lakes Project were in that very same boat.

They had built this GORGEOUS, custom home in a tucked away community on the outskirts of Baton Rouge, but the master bedroom just had the basics: a bed, two side tables, and a television.



Our clients are Courtney B. and her husband Reggie have a beautiful eleven-year-old daughter and the home of their dreams.

With an active pre-teen and a husband who travels frequently, it was easy to see how the master bedroom design could fall low on the list of priorities.

However, we were thrilled to help Courtney and her husband think outside of the box when it came to addressing the solutions needed for their space.


During our first visit to the home, we photographed and measured EVERYTHING in the space.

This is how we start every project because the information we gather at the initial site visit allows us to create an optimal space plan, integrate the pieces the client wants to keep and develop the 3d models that we use to show the client our concept before we even purchase the first piece!



Of primary concern for Courtney was to invest in quality pieces that would be beautiful but also stand the test of time.

She also wanted a cohesive plan so that she could feel confident in each and every purchase she made for this space.

Her style is a bit more glamorous and dramatic while Reggie prefers a subtle yet stylish approach.

She likes pops of color while he prefers spaces grounded in a neutral palette.

Courtney expressed a need for additional storage and a workspace for Reggie on the days when he’s working from home.

We recommended some custom millwork pieces to add storage and architectural detail to the room.

We designed a built-in with a bulkhead to frame out their gorgeous view and to create a cozy sitting area.

This helped to add storage, it houses a charging station for their many devices, and there is a butler rod within his cabinet to provide hanging space for when Reggie is packing for his frequent work trips.

We also designed a “fireplace” element for the wall facing the bed.


Now, everything has its own space: a bed for sleeping, swivel chairs for relaxing, electric fireplace for ambiance, charging drawers for devices, drawers, and cabinets for added storage and a work area.

Here’s what the space looks like now:

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