How To Design A Space That Engages All 5 Senses

You may not know this, but when we design spaces for our clients, we pay careful attention to how they'll experience the space with all five senses.


① Sight

This one is obvious. Yes, we make sure the space is visually pleasing, but we also make sure the rooms are lit well enough so that our clients' every detail can be seen.

We enhance the natural light that floods into the space and add layers of task lighting where appropriate.

② Sound

If the space we're designing is a living room, family room or even bedroom, we pay attention to any audiovisual requirements needed for the optimal experience for viewing or entertaining.

③ Smell

Do you ever wonder why most in our portfolio photos include candles? Well, it's because we use our clients' favorite scents as another layer of the design to create the perfect ambiance.

④ Touch

Our clients' favorite part of our design presentation (and our favorite part, too!) is when we pull out the fabric, tile and countertop samples.

If you were a fly on the wall at these meetings, you would notice our clients absentmindedly rubbing and touching these samples as we discuss their projects.


The reason for this because, subconsciously, they want to know that the things they'll be surrounded by once the room is completely are not only beautiful but also COMFORTABLE!

⑤ Taste

This one is easy to pull on in a kitchen or butlers' party, but how do we bring taste into other spaces?

Well, in a bedroom we might include a box of our client's favorite chocolates or a bottle of their favorite wine.

In living rooms or den, we'll pop a bowl of popcorn or bake a fresh batch of cookies. (This actually addresses SMELL & TASTE!)

When all is said and done, our clients are treated to a total sensory experience.

You can achieve this too by making sure that there is at least one thing in your space that positively addresses each of your five senses!

Need a few ideas for what to hang on your blank walls?

Download our free wall art inspiration guide for some of our favorite tips and tricks!


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