Highland Road Transformation


Our clients for this project, have a gorgeous, Mediteranean-style custom home that literally sits atop a hill!

Much of their home has already been decorated to the clients’ tastes, but there was one room that remained empty because the clients just didn’t know what to do with it.

This room is prominently positioned at the front of the house, so it is visible from the main road in front of the house as well as to anyone walking just a few steps passed the foyer.

With soaring ceilings and large windows, the room inherently feels grand and is flooded with tons of natural light!


The room itself is amazing, and we couldn’t have asked for a better project to sink our teeth into!

However, there were a few challenges:

  1. The clients didn’t really have a clear idea of what they wanted to do with the space.
  2. There is no existing furniture in the room. It is literally a blank canvas.
  3. With the room’s tall ceilings and grand size, we had to make sure the furniture and accessories we chose for the space were the right scale.
  4. The clients wanted a more contemporary-style fireplace. They loved the idea of one with glass pieces instead of the traditional logs.
  5. The couple has small children and a dog, so we had to design a space sophisticated enough for a cocktail party yet comfortable enough for everyday living.


Here are some before photos of the space:


This room has 25-foot ceilings, and the big picture windows and grand scale of the room meant we had to pay careful attention to the size of the furnishings we brought into the space.

Although each individual piece in itself is oversized and would probably crowd an average sized room, they all work together to create the right visual balance for this space.

The sofa and backless loveseat were custom designed so that they would be the perfect size for this room.

The rug was also custom made to fit the shape and size we needed to be able to place all of the main seating furniture pieces on it without having to cut off walkways or make navigating around the coffee table too difficult.

The frames we used for the gallery wall are each 25″ x 25″ squares—that’s quite large, but in the context of this room twelve of them grouped together creates the perfect focal point for the back wall of the room.

There is power in planning! If you pay careful attention to the video (and read our previous post about this project!) you’ll note that the way this room ultimately turned out is VERY close to what we drew in our design concept. The client even mentioned this point during the reveal. The fact that we knew exactly where we wanted to wind up gave us the confidence and certainty to reverse engineer the planning for install day so that we could organize our trades and installed pieces in a way that was as logical and seamless as possible.


Here are some before photos of the space:

This space was designed for real life! Although this room has a place of prominence at the front of the house, it was really important to the client (and us) that she and her family be able to really live in and enjoy this space. With three small kids and a dog, we selected performance fabrics that were stain-resistant so that they would be durable to hold up to everyday where and tear as well as the occasional cocktail party!

Personal touches take this space over the top! From the custom-commissioned art piece to the very personal gallery wall collage featuring family photos, these elements ground the space and make it relatable and enjoying for our clients and their guests!

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