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St. Andrews Master Bedroom Transformation


How do you take a master bedroom that looks like this…

...into one that looks like this?

In this project, we turned this dark, drab and downright depressing space into a bright, airy and rejuvenating oasis!

For each of our design projects, the first thing that we do after our initial meeting with the client is to photograph the space, take an inventory of what’s already there and then develop a 3D rendering of the space so that we can take a look at the space from every...

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How To Design A Space That Engages All 5 Senses

You may not know this, but when we design spaces for our clients, we pay careful attention to how they'll experience the space with all five senses.



This one is obvious. Yes, we make sure the space is visually pleasing, but we also make sure the rooms are lit well enough so that our clients' every detail can be seen.

We enhance the natural light that floods into the space and add layers of task lighting where appropriate.


If the space we're...

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25 Year Old Home Renovation



One of our most exciting projects to date has been the complete gut and renovation of a 25-year old home in the prestigious Country Club of Louisiana.

We took this house from outdated and drab to STUNNING with the use of creative design solutions to maximize the 2800 square foot footprint, luxury appliances and high-end materials.

The result is a transformation that you truly MUST see to believe!

Watch the video for a walking tour and see a few of our favorite moments below!


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Highland Road Transformation


Our clients for this project, have a gorgeous, Mediteranean-style custom home that literally sits atop a hill!

Much of their home has already been decorated to the clients’ tastes, but there was one room that remained empty because the clients just didn’t know what to do with it.

This room is prominently positioned at the front of the house, so it is visible from the main road in front of the house as well as to anyone walking just a few steps passed the foyer....

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Manchac Lakes Master Bedroom


For some reason, the master bedroom is always the last space homeowners feel compelled to invest in.

Why is this?

Why do we put ourselves last?

Is it because this space isn’t visible to the public and it’s easy to simply close the door. Out of sight out of mind?

Our clients for our Manchac Lakes Project were in that very same boat.

They had built this GORGEOUS, custom home in a tucked away community on the outskirts of Baton Rouge, but the master bedroom just had the basics: a...

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New Orleans Home Makeover


As a design firm, we get to work with clients who fall everywhere on the design spectrum. From new construction projects, to renovations to simple decorating projects, we help our clients work through the process with ease.

In this featured project, we worked with a client to furnish her new home from the front door to the back patio!

Our client and her husband have a beautiful 2-year-old daughter and a precious labradoodle named Jedi!

They purchased their new home in New Orleans about a year...

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