Here's what some of our clients have to say about our work!

Our clients are the lifeblood of our business, so we pride ourselves on delivering an exceptional experience!

Jade Simmons, TX

I hired Arianne Bellizaire to coordinate and choreograph the paint selections for our new build.

As a concert artist, I consider myself confidently creative, but I know when I’m out of my depth. While I had general colors I thought I wanted, some of my ideas were quirky and I had no idea WHERE exactly the colors should go.

Arianne came in and did two important things:

  1. She inspired me to go with my gut on things like bold stripes, a randomly dramatic color shift in the dining room and bright colors in my personal spaces
  2. She came in and considered all the details I would have missed in my choice of gray walls like ceiling height, mood, functionality and sunlight. We ended up using 3 spectacular shades all placed perfectly thanks to her expert eye.

There’s not a guest who visits that doesn’t compliment the stripes or the color scheme in general, including the quirks!

While we still haven’t finished all the decorating, I’m soothed every time I walk in my home because the colors feel like me and that’s priceless.

Because of Arianne, I have such a wonderful base to work from. Anyone wanting a designer that can come in and can translate “YOU” into your space, this is your one and only stop.

Cherita Perriloux, LA

We purchased our first home a year ago so this was my first time ever consulting a design professional. It was fate because Arianne had just moved back to Baton Rouge.

During our initial consultation, Arianne really had me dig deep and helped me figure out my design aesthetics. We discussed everything from paint colors, to picking fabrics, to how to make use of my current furniture pieces and how to arrange them in a way that works best for the flow of the space.

By the end of the consultation we had a goal in mind, established a budget and a nice shopping list for the restyling of my entry way, living/dining room and guest suite.

Once we established what my expectations were Arianne got to work immediately finding the little touches to make my spaces feel like me.

When I finally saw my completed spaces on “Install Day” I was amazed and excited.

Arianne really listened and translated those ideas into a space I love and am proud of!! I would hire her again!!!

Ashley Greenhouse, LA

We never imagined how difficult it would be to merge our two styles.

My husband loves everything brown and leather. Generally, I hate all of those things. We hired Arianne to help us choose furniture for our new home.

We expected Arianne to satisfy my husband’s need for practicality and my need for glam.

Arianne came to our home, while still in construction, and went through the entire home making suggestions to make our house feel like home.

After our meeting, she PROMPTLY delivered a design plan for our living room, breakfast area, and dining room. It was so cool to see how she drew her designs on top of the pictures of our home, giving us a “real life” view of how the completed rooms will look.

Her designs were NOTHING that we could have chosen together, but we LOVED them! I am so excited to put all of those colors and patterns in our home.

When we first received the email with our design plan, my husband called me and said, “Wow! She totally exceeded my expectations!” I had the same reaction. I love the way she took our ideas, but challenged us to step outside the box, without making us uncomfortable.

The design plan has removed all the anxiety I had about decorating our home. It provides a guide, so we can purchase the items at our own pace.

Arianne is EXTREMELY professional and knowledgeable. It is obvious that she has taken the time to nurture her craft. I learned so much working with her. (Her blog offers great lessons, too!)

I’m pretty sure I have recommended Arianne to every person I know buying a house in the Baton Rouge area. She is the best!

Lisa Witteman, LA

I wanted to freshen up the kitchen without changing everything. I needed help choosing backsplash tile and a paint color for my kitchen cabinets. I hoped to find choices that worked with existing granite, and my recently painted walls.

The consultation wth Arianne was fun and easy! Arianne showed me how to highlight the colors in my granite that I like best. My fear that I might make a costly mistake were alleviated.

After the consultation, I felt confident, and I was amazed at how we were able to quickly make decisions I had been mulling on my own for weeks!

I won’t hesitate to work with Arianne again to help me with color decisions in other rooms. I appreciated her organization, communication skills and attention to detail.

Roxane Johnson, TX

I purchased my home about a year ago.

In previous homes that I’ve owned, I’ve always been big on my family room being welcoming but practical for my two boys (ages 7 and 10). I shared with Arianne that I was stuck on decorating this room, as it just didn’t seem to have the finishing touches.

We set an appointment for her to come by and view my space. She took measurements and within 48 hours emailed me back with great suggestions for the room. The best part is that she used all the current pieces in the room and only recommended purchasing one more piece!

I was amazed by the impact of moving one piece of furniture and purchasing one additional piece that she recommended (a storage ottoman for the boys toys, blankets, etc.) made in transforming the room into a cozy and welcoming space.

Cozy and Practical Mission Complete!!!

Whether you are starting from scratch with a room or like me and just can’t figure out what’s missing, Arianne’s talents will help you get to the finish line.

This is not just a business for her, it’s her PASSION and it shows in her work.

Thank you, Arianne, for helping me to pull it all together. Although you are 400 miles away, I will be contacting you when I’m ready to finish tackling the game room.

Michelle Ochoa, TX

Arianne helped us redesign our master bedroom.

I have three small children so it was amazing that Arianne did all the leg work for us — she went to different stores and sent my husband and I pictures along the way.

She was very mindful of our budget, but the look is nothing short of high end!

The final result is a peaceful, beautiful retreat that I still love nearly a year later.

Yvonne Storrs, TX

Arianne helped me with our home, and it looks beautiful!

Arianne is very helpful, and always has a wonderful smile.

It was great working with her, and I look forward to working with her again very soon.

Kristi Zeller, TX

Arianne’s approach to design is impeccable.

She listened to our desires, wants and needs and put together several options, all of which went above our goals!

We were so pleased with her timeline, drawings, recommendations, implementation and the overall experience.

We WILL hire her again!

Eugenia Uhl, LA

Arianne was great to work with.

All of her interiors were photography ready when I arrived. It made my job so easy.

She has a great eye for color.

I really enjoyed working with her.