3D Visualization Of Interior Rooms

Seeing Is Believing!

How’d you like to SEE your space before you make the first purchase?

The ABI Difference

This service allows you to see the spacial layout, sight lines, material combinations and furniture placement with realistic 3D renderings and virtual tour as you consider the pros and cons of each selection.

Most People Are “Visual”

Because 9 out of 10 or our clients struggle with visualizing how a space will come together, we offer this service as a standard feature in our Full Service Interior Design and Custom New Home Materials and Finishes Selections services.

However, we also recognize that this feature might be beneficial to the DIYer who has a plan in mind but could benefit from the confirmation of seeing it first.

How Does It Work?

If you are purchasing this service as a stand alone service, you’ll provide us with a copy of your floor plan, list of selected materials and photos/links to specific furniture, accessories, etc. and a detailed sketch of where everything should be placed.

We’ll build the 3D model to reflect the guidelines you’ve given us.


  • 2-4 3D shot angles that will allow you to see the spacial layout and sight lines of the architectural plans
  • Wall elevation shots
  • A virtual walkthrough video to give you an understanding of the flow of the space
  • A copy of the 3D CAD file


Projects are billed at our hourly rate of $180. We have a 10 hour minimum retainer that our hourly rate is billed against. Clients are charged only for the time spent on their project. Any remaining balance is refunded to the client when the project is concluded.