Custom Home Materials And Finishes

1,000,001 Decisions Go Into The Building Of A New House

Building a custom home is a huge undertaking that requires you to make a ton of expensive decisions. Don’t you want the assurance that you are making the RIGHT decisions that will deliver the look, feel and potential resale value you desire?


Defining Your Needs

To begin this process, we will meet with you to understand your ultimate needs for the space, identify key lifestyle functions, and prioritize elements and features within the house.

Next, we’ll review your architectural plans, inspiration photos and any other information you feel we need to see before we begin developing your design palette.

Then, we’ll help you choose all of the materials and finishes to create a comprehensive look that flows effortlessly throughout the entire home.


The ABI Difference

Once we’ve chosen your materials and in preparation for our presentation to you, we will build a 3D, virtual model that will allow you to see the material combinations before your contractor begins to purchase materials!

For example, how does the cabinet door style pair with the countertops and flooring? Do you like the light fixtures, mirrors and backsplash in the master bath?


How Much Does This Service Cost?

This service is intended for new construction residential projects or multi-room renovation projects.

Projects are billed at our hourly rate of $180. We have a 10 hour minimum retainer that our hourly rate is billed against. Clients are charged only for the time spent on their project. Any remaining balance is refunded to the client when the project is concluded.