High Grove Project

High Grove Project

An electric mix of mid-century modern and boho chice infused with bold patters and LOTS of color!

Our High Grove client is a lead surgeon in the burn unit at one of our local hospitals. To say that she is a busy professional is an understatement! She’s been living in a luxury high-rise for several years, and although she has had aspirations of putting her own stamp on the place, she hasn’t had the time to complete any of the DIY projects she’s started.

She has a heart for the environment (she even makes her own organic beauty products!), and she has traveled all over the world, collecting interesting art pieces along the way. We immediately knew that these pieces would be a great jumping off point for our design concept. The challenge was figuring out how to display them without overpowering the space or making it feel too cluttered.

With the right space plan and the right color palette, we were able to create the space of her dreams!

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